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Daylight Savings Time: Why People Like IT and Why People Don’t

People have been adjusting their clocks for as far as we can remember since it has always been the practice for a long time now. We take it for granted that that’s the way it is. But there are a few who have questioned the practicality of this practice.

To add more day time to our days, this practice was enforced. We have more time for daylight to do our work and to go to school. In temperate regions where there is variation in the amount of daylight against darkness throughout the season, this is very common.

The question that we need to ask is if daylight savings time is really necessary today. Energy conservation is one of the reasons for daylight savings time. In theory, residential use of electricity is reduced because of daylight savings time. The amount of electricity that people use at home is contingent upon when the sun sets. So if the sun sets when it is almost your bedtime, then you don’t need much electricity as you would if the sun sets long before you do. This has the assumption that people go to bed at a certain time of the night which today some still do but most don’t. There is less energy use in the summer because the sunset is moved an hour later. Bedtime means putting out the lights.

In the winter we need morning light. During summer the days are longer but during winter people wake up after the sun rises if the time is artificially changed by daylight savings time.

With daylight savings time, the opportunities for activities outdoors is increased. During the winter months it helps if it is still light outside at a later time to do activities and remain active.

Driving home where there is still light is safer. DST can also help reduce crime which are usually committed on dark areas.

Many people today, however, are fighting to stop daylight savings time. DST is actually not accepted universally. Many places in the world do not observe daylight savings time. With only a few benefits people find it taxing to be adjusting their clocks twice a year. There are those who do not want to change their sleep patterns just because the clock has to be adjusted. Work productivity and auto accidents happen when sleep patterns are changed. Forgetful people either show up too early or too late when the time changes.

Other disadvantages of DST is that it can add to increase to air-conditioning costs during the summer. Air-conditioning uses more electricity than light.

With more cars going out late at night you can expect more pollution.

Farmers don’t appreciate DST because their animals don’t observe it.

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