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All You Need to Know About Fall Protection Systems

Do not buy the unprofessional view from some of the employees and facility supervisors about the fall arrest systems that they deter the workers’ productivity more so if you consider the great importance that comes with maintaining top safety for your workers; if you factor the dire consequences that come with fall cases, you will definitely find their view as pointless. What is prudent whenever you are installing fall arrest system is proper planning that will make it conceivable to achieve the twin goals of enhancing productivity and heightening safety.

With this in mind, you have to be very intelligent whenever you are choosing the ideal fall arrest solution for your facility; it should be OSHA complaint, cost effective and robust and still improve the overall productivity of your workers. Basically, the manufacturer of the fall arrest solutions should offer a vast range of pre-engineered fall protection solutions like the rigid track fall protection kits, perfectly engineered horizontal lifelines, portable guardrails, and roof fall protection systems; these fall arrest solutions ensure that your personnel is fully protected while keeping your industry OSHA compliant.

Take note that OSHA general industry regulation requires reliable fall protection for industrial workers working at four feet or more, which also includes the top of your industrial roof. If your roof edges are not protected, you may have unanticipated fall cases; this affects both the affected worker as well as the company. These are the type of falls that lead to various occupational injuries and fatalities and costly financial losses. In fact, if you consider the increased insurance as well as the premium of workman’s compensation, OSHA fines, and legal fees, you will realize that installing good fall protection solution is better and cheaper. The liability attorneys normally pursue personal injury cases on contingency basis for your employees meaning that they can seek still hire the best attorneys regardless of their financial status; on the contrary, you will have to pay dearly to have a lawyer handle your series of fall cases.

Your facility safety requirements determine the choice of your fall safety solution. This is the reason why you need to be guided by experts to choose the right solution that can either work vertically, horizontally, overhead or along overhead. You can either go for a permanent fall arrest solution to provide you with regular fall safety needs, or you can choose a temporary one for a one-off activity. The secret of choosing a perfect fall safety system is choosing a very innovative manufacturer who is fully skilled and experienced in engineering systems that guarantees full load control. It should be a system that meets the toughest requirement for protecting your staff at any height.

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