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How to Choose a Good Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve had a work-related injury or illness, hiring a lawyer is a usually a smart move. But with workers’ compensation being such a complex and specialized field, it’s crucial you spend time looking for the right legal expert who can really help you maximize the benefits you are entitled to receive.

– if they can recommend some good prospects. You can also source referrals from your state and local bar associations, as well as from legal aid offices.

The web can be helpful, but be wise when using it. If you find prospective attorneys online, know more about them. Check out their websites to know if they are workers’ comp specialists or if they work with a whole range of cases. Online reviews are also worth a look, but only if you find them on popular third-party websites. Lots of websites are made for marketing purposes and will likely feature fake reviews.

When consulting with a lawyer for the first time, treat it as a job interview. Nearly all lawyers don’t charge for an initial consultation, so take advantage of this meeting by asking as many relevant questions as possible. The following are good ones:

How much of your professional experience deals with workers’ comp?

Will you be there for me throughout the process, even in court if necessary?

Are you going to work on my case directly or will you have a legal assistant or paralegal take charge?

How do we get in touch for updates?

Do you also work with insurers and employers or just with injured/ill workers?

Are you workers’ comp’ board-certified, and what professional organization or organizations do you belong to, if any?

What are the fees I need to pay, and how I do I pay them? If you charge for litigation costs, what exactly are included? Do I need to pay you if my case becomes unsuccessful?

This first meeting is also the best time for you to see into the attorney’s professionalism and demeanor towards clients. A good attorney will answer all your queries in a patient yet authoritative manner, and will be sincerely interested in your concerns. If you don’t feel that the lawyer is sincere and interested enough, there’s obviously no point hanging around.

Also consider the behavior of the office staff, including the legal assistants and paralegals. If they’re such a pain to interact with or if they don’t return your calls or emails promptly, don’t hesitate to take your case elsewhere.

Lastly, don’t think you’re obliged to hire the first lawyer you seem to like. In fact, consulting with two or three more will give you lots of room for comparisons before making your final decision.

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